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Listen: How to use sound in your content writing

The late Brigit Pegeen Kelly began her well-known poem “Song” with a gripping call to action: “Listen.”

The rhythm, the pace,
the mind control:
Syntax in writing

Many coders languish over the word syntax, but when’s the last time you gave that kind of obsession to your web content?

More than a preference: Diction and your content

To be clear, “word choice” isn’t an inaccurate definition for diction. It’s just barebones.

The end is nigh: How to write a conclusion

You’re probably wondering why conclusions matter. And you have a good reason to ponder.

Adding flavor to your content with data

Did you know that you swallow about eight spiders while you sleep every year?

Eroding the enigma: Concrete terms to
develop voice in writing

If any term in writing is elusive, it’s voice. That sentiment is likely because voice seems subjective.

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